a lot of people go shopping on the road is to look at the time, if the shop has a step, I am afraid that very few people will be dedicated to climb the stairs to watch. Therefore, the business candidates shop, often avoid the front door of the store, regardless of a few steps, there will be more or less hindered the flow of passengers. Little is known, if you can skillfully use the stairs, may account for the cheap. What kind of "step philosophy" is contained in this?

case 1: five steps into the

Shenyang city two street residential building, the first floor of the store has been operating for many years. The impact of the steps on the passenger flow and even the store management is very obvious.

reporter came here to see, around the store business is a typical commercial community, convenience stores, Photocopying agency, clothing stores, restaurants, small intermediary and so on a next one, are opened on the first floor of the store, the area is not large. But the same two buildings, a floor store scene is very different.

the same format, the floor of the store, generally have five floors above the level, these shops are high hanging in the air, the shop desolate, and three door labeled "sublet notices". The floor of the store, compared to only two steps, whether it is a small hotel or a small supermarket, has customers in and out.

comments: the weather does not rain the same phenomenon occurs in the micro business. Next to the two buildings, the situation is contrary to the situation. Therefore, the shop location, the scope of the investigation will remain in a region, a street is not enough. In the case of the economy can withstand, naturally prefer to choose no step of the store, which is one of the rules of operator location.

case 2: level three to do

in another area of Shenyang, shops are open on the first floor of the residential building, the front steps ranging from the first step to the five step. One of the cake shop, operating for many years, sales performance is very stable. There are three large steps in front of the shop, and in the top of the formation of a 9 square meter balcony. Ms. Li said the shop, her shop almost unaffected by the steps, but she often put some cake, moon cake to get on the front of the big step on the swing, but also played a role in the show.

why is that? Ms. Lee said, in the shop lots near the shop, can hardly go high-end line, so you have to sell the demand elasticity of small commodities, such as staple food, people have to eat every day, so do not worry about not sell, many problems to buy just consumers who. Therefore, to make the product irreplaceable.

cake shops are generally in the middle of the line, but the people in the vicinity of the home to buy special expensive West

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