medical as a part of life, people’s lives can not be separated from the occasional sick to the hospital. Zigong how to do medical disputes? The establishment of medical disputes early warning, emergency response mediation, security, assessment and other four mechanisms to actively solve the medical dispute. So, Zigong medical disputes, specific measures to take?

(1) perfect mediation system. The establishment of 7 counties (District) level of medical dispute mediation committee, the establishment of medical dispute mediation work coordination and guidance group, the establishment of medical dispute mediation expert group, focused on the city’s medical and law, the people’s mediation 183 experts in the field of "medical adjustable committee" to provide advice and guidance services.

(2) regulating behavior. The introduction of the "Zigong people’s medical dispute mediation work rules (Trial)", the revised "Zigong medical dispute prevention and disposal of Interim Measures", the medical committee tune "composition, mediator generation methods, the way of accepting mediation, mediation procedures and work process specification.

(3) to build a mediation mechanism. The establishment of medical dispute mediation, early warning, emergency response, security assessment and other four mechanisms, promote the medical committee tune "the comprehensive use of legal, policy, economic and administrative means to carry out counseling, education, and focus on the administrative mediation and judicial mediation, organic convergence, and steadily resolve medical disputes, improve the doctor-patient relationship. This year, the city received a total of 42 cases of medical dispute mediation, mediation success 33, under the mediation of 9, involving the patient demands of 6 million 572 thousand and 600 yuan, the actual payment of 1 million 785 thousand and 600 yuan after the mediation, to resolve the preventive medical trouble event 1.

reported by the above we can see that the city of Zigong in the time to medical disputes, the main measures include three aspects: perfecting the mediation system, regulate behavior, build mediation mediation mechanism. Hope that under the supervision of these three measures, Zigong medical reform can achieve significant results.

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