food and beverage industry to join different brand have different selection skills, have small before introduced to you Western-style food fast food franchise location techniques, today in this store location and the need to pay attention to what to introduce drinks?

drinks, is an emerging industry since the reform and opening up the development of China is a hotspot in consumer products and new growth point, now the beverage industry developing rapidly and become an indispensable part of our daily life. Beverage market prospects are very hot, join the craze has not receded, and is still in the development of large and medium. Today Xiaobian for everyone to say how to join the drinks shop site?

first thing to do is the traffic statistics. Investors can Dundian in the beverage store, record Business Hours have many people through the store, usually in the festival and analysis of what is different, after the store people is what people, students, office workers, housewives and retirees. These are to do with the record. This general Dundian 3 to 4 weeks on it.

followed by collecting information. Can communicate with the surrounding shops, the shop will have major municipal demolition, renovation, road planning and other important information in the near future, so in case you just opened, others are taken and converted, not only can not make money, but also to lose, very worthwhile.

finally is a lot of experience. Can be visited by the way, personally to the consumption of adjacent shops, to see which shops are the most popular, what is the reason people welcome; which shop decoration style is most affected by the policy customer reception, even draw around the location map of the competitors, and the opponent’s product form and value hold control.

above is a small series for you to sort out the drinks shop to join the site when the skills, hoping to provide some help to the majority of franchisees.

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