in daily life, the country from the actual situation of the people, for the disease can be part of the reimbursement, but in the past more trouble. The province NCMS patients to Hubei Medical Reimbursement, is no longer a problem. Hubei will implement a network of fixed settlement management. Currently being selected to determine the network of medical institutions for the provinces to choose. Hubei provincial NCMS settlement can be fixed? The answer is yes!

according to the Hubei Provincial Health Planning Commission reports, network node reported medical institutions will be held this month before the end, according to the "National Office of health and Family Planning Commission issued the national new rural cooperative medical information platform of Unicom technology program (Trial) Notice" requirements, data transformation of the hospital information management system interface, through the network and the provincial health and family planning the new rural cooperative medical information platform interoperability, receiving referral information from the provincial new rural cooperative platform.

on the inter provincial referral and hospital discharge register and node information to achieve real-time exchange. In the hospital diagnosis and cost information principle to daily upload, discharged medical records information in patients discharged within 5 working days after the upload, advance funds payment application and payment information exchange monthly.

network node at medical institutions to set up a special service window in the inpatient department, to provide convenient services for patients with provincial referral, obtaining patient referral information through the province NCMS provincial platform, make the patient identification, gradually the use of residents health card as the participation of inter provincial medical identification basis.

The medical diagnostic

province NCMS patients after standard to network node at medical institutions, medical institutions for instant settlement fee in accordance with the agreement, patients pay only pays the amount of fund to pay part of the medical institutions to advance medical institutions to apply for advance payment of funds to the regular participation of patients with provincial settlement center.

does not have the conditions on the direct network reports of medical institutions, the participation of patients before discharge settlement outside the full settlement costs, network node visits information push standardization in medical institutions within 3 working days of the provincial new rural cooperative medical system platform and hospital billing information. Patients participating agencies to the new rural cooperative medical institutions according to the network node at push information to calculate the compensation costs of medical expenses to send, and direct remittance to the participating patients residents health card or bank account.

in the face of the current social situation, a lot of people are out of the country, there is a lot of inconvenience to the traditional sick reimbursement. Subsequently, Hubei provincial fixed-point implementation of the settlement system, provide for the welfare of the masses. At the same time, the inter provincial medical network node reported the localization of management, the development work of the whole area network node to strengthen the network node at the medical service of medical institutions and service quality supervision, control the growth of unreasonable fees, and to facilitate the participation of patients enquiries and complaints supervision.

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