body in the river bank, you may never know the taste of swimming in the river. Only the water to try to find out if they can go down the river. So, there is no shortcut to start it?

however, almost every entrepreneur that entrepreneurship is very difficult to create a career of their own is not easy.

so, business there is a shortcut?

shortcut, usually can accelerate the course of events, but will not reduce the difficulty of things.

see the following shortcut, you might think   "this is not possible, too difficult."   that’s not what the big deal, the entrepreneurial threshold is the responsibility of all the problems of entrepreneurship. If you do not want to pay, then do not want to harvest.

1.  resignation

to resign.

you will be surprised to find that: the existence of the risk prompted you to do some impulse to move. All of a sudden, you get nothing: no job, no stock bonds, no social security, no pension.

2.  looking for entrepreneurial mentor

Force one man alone

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