when it comes to the door spacious this key, many operators do not agree, after all, a lot of store design itself is not reasonable, if you want to let the door spacious, investment will be big. However, if the door is not spacious, there may be various changes. One day morning, I went to the east of the county seat near the village of Wang command delivery, when coming back, far see Ruichun tobacco grocery store gathered in front of many people.

Ruichun and grocery store owner is a friend of mine, she felt their own shop in some remote location, less traffic, let her husband go to work in a large hotel in Shijiazhuang, usually only Ruichun boss at home shou shop. At that time, I also think that this is probably Ruichun boss in order to gather popularity, shops in the new year what promotional activities. When I approached Ruichun and grocery store door, only to see another scene.

A middle-aged woman saw

hand holding a three or four year old boy with Ruichun urgent Chibai face boss bickering. I look at that little boy had been crying Wah Wah, found the little boy’s face, down jacket and trousers were stained with egg yellow, sticky liquid. Originally, because Ruichun tobacco grocery business area is not large, Richun boss in order to make full use of the space in front of the store is also filled with egg and vegetables and other goods, shop at the entrance of the channel becomes very narrow.

ten in the morning bell, it is the busiest business and grocery store Ruichun, middle-aged woman led the little boy to buy milk, vegetables and other goods in the store, the little boy went out while the middle-aged women did not pay him, the owner of the store in Ruichun trot, not a small heart hit a door just to the customer, the little boy was unstable in a basket of egg falls Ruichun boss in front of the store.

a full basket of eggs broke nearly half. See the broken egg, Richun boss was not distressed, she put the middle-aged women with children to compensate for the losses, and that with a long face hengrou middle-aged women, not willing to pay for the broken egg, also accused Ruichun boss let their baby son frightened, new clothes are dirty, little is the counter sharp cut and so on, ask the boss to give her he’s really not letting this go Ruichun argument, so that the two sides will not dispute, attracted more and more people watching.

finally, several people in our persuasion, to convince boss Rui Chun step back, zirendaomei bear egg loss. The middle-aged woman finally took the little boy left, before leaving, her mouth also kept muttering: "what is this place, and never come!"

the other day, I helped Rui Chun boss to pick up the broken eggs have been more than twelve noon, we generally calculate, Rui Chun boss lost $more than and 100. Rui Chun said: "now the store business is not good, only"

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