now the people’s living conditions better, buy a car is a normal thing, with the development of the automotive industry, the automotive beauty industry has been driven up, many entrepreneurs see the unlimited business opportunities in which you do not want to join this project? So you know what is the attention of car beauty shop? Here and we say that it’s a note.

is the first to dare to dissect oneself, to find you around the business strengths and weaknesses, and lays the foundation for the analysis of local values and dislocation business days after the. If you store the location of nearby opponents are engaged in auto beauty brand, then you should consider some business in the high-end brands, to form different positioning, so as to seize the initiative.

is aware of competitors’ sales, which is particularly critical. Most of the brands in the region are assumed in a slow-moving state, then your business brand how to drive the local district sales in one fell swoop? If most brands are operating well, then you should decisively squeeze, along with everyone with a little light. But if you are in a state of low-spirited by sales, you have good means, is also unable to increase the number of people. So, for each opponent’s sales must have a thorough thoroughly, prevent a loser "".

operators need to understand their actual situation. This is not an easy thing. And an operator knows his own strength is not so easy. To do business days after the win, we have to start to know from their own brand positioning, brand personality and product gradually, the advantages and disadvantages of financial strength, etc..

a lot of entrepreneurial projects, which have a small series for today to introduce the industry, after reading the above car beauty shop after the attention, you are not in the hearts of a general understanding of it? I hope that the introduction of the above content can be added to the owner of the car to get a better development of the owner, the only theory is not enough investors, but also should be combined with the location of the real location of the store, the flexibility to use.

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