if a shop next to the neighbors are not willing to patronize, completely rely on those people to patronize this store, I am afraid it is difficult to be in business to expand. However, many retail clients are often out of the face of human, who are accustomed to next door neighbours profit or no profit selling cigarettes, sometimes because of fears that consumers have ideas and misunderstanding and ashamed of myself to sell new smoke. The above approach not only affects the store efficiency, but also is not conducive to the effective development of cigarette brand development, dragging the operation of the hind legs.

as the saying goes, "here is the goddess of mercy, why go to the South China sea". Retail customers in the cigarette sales should be in the neighborhood of this platform, in a lot of detail on the foot of the effort, the service side of the loyal consumer groups.

first of all, to maintain good business reputation. Operating a good shop is to manage a good life, retail customers to maintain good faith at the same time, but also to abide by the law, in the minds of neighbors to establish a good sign". Often check the inventory of cigarettes, found that quality problems to be dealt with in a timely manner; once the hot smoke out of stock, may wish to guide customers to other shops to see, although the business did not make, but inadvertently won a favorable impression.

secondly, in the service of the foot. Retail customers not only attract customers, but also services. Can follow the other image of a good shop, or in the customer manager with the help of the layout with its own characteristics of the business environment and smoke cabinet decoration, to attract the attention of good hardware facilities and adequate supply; in the long-term contacts with the neighbors, to put themselves to build personalized value-added services for them, such as free door-to-door on behalf of the charge, gas, storage, online shopping goods and care of the child. "A good neighbour, priceless treasure, you give us convenience, we will of course students are reported, to want to join your business.

moreover, dare to innovate. Innovative methods on the basis of the traditional marketing mode, launched for the psychological needs of the neighbor, to meet everyone’s preferences, and combined with the local customs and festivals, so that we feel the neighborhood along the road, and thus enhance the management effect.

finally, take an active part in neighborhood activities. Some people are withdrawn and do not want to deal with people, such people are not suitable for business. In short, the full display, easy-going and friendly with the development of good quality, healthy and harmonious interpersonal relationship, play a special role in good store environment, further gather popularity, some people may even become "live ad", willing to sell goods to the store.

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