Faye Wong, not the singer who was in a hurry that year, but has the same wonderful life. She is "80", a native of Hangzhou, from studying in Italy so far, more than and 10 years of struggle, founded the European brand store HANNAH, currently in Hongkong there are 4 men and women and 1 children’s clothing accessories retail outlets, retail outlets, 1 wholesale house.

and reporters on the phone, Faye Wong is not in Hangzhou, not in Italy, but is an island resort. Now the work is mainly reflected in the annual Milan fashion week during that period of time, and some large fashion fairs, the rest of the time, she would love to spend time with the children, do what you love to do.

ten years ago miss three customers of     now a

can talk to a close friend

then China consumers for luxury goods, probably limited to a few LV, Gucci and Chanel are the most representative of the brand, in addition to high prices, hardly said second impression. "But I think, as a home buyers shop, can not just stare at these big brands, find some relatively less well-known brands, more cost-effective, maybe a shortcut." In 2005, Faye Wong phase of the 1999 creation of the Italy ERMANNO  SERVINO, a local brand; the brand is young, but with the luxury of high quality fabrics, leather and fine embroidery is good. So she and the brand CEOs about time to interview, to take the brand’s Asian agency.

"meet for the first time is about 10 o’clock in the morning, I arrived at 9:50. Sitting in his office door until 11, still no one. Asked his secretary, said he went to dinner, and no time to talk to me in the afternoon." Faye Wong was very unhappy, but the arrogance of the other party did not give up her determination to win the customer, she and the secretary about second days, or the same time.

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