0 yuan to join, I believe that many people are very familiar with, because the current investment market will often have such a publicity. "A year to create 100 millionaires is not a dream", "zero fee, March 1 million make Meng" and "several thousand billion market waiting for you to join the information as if it were raining flowers eyeful behind some, the reporter found that the" zero join ", hidden mystery.



free still need to invest 200 thousand

at the end of last year, a posted on the website of women’s zero join propaganda attracted the attention of Mr. Wu in a small company to work. "Franchise does not need to spend too much time, you can directly use the headquarters of the brand, trademark, management technology, etc.." Optimistic about the investment to join the "low risk", to join the investment utterly ignorant of Mr. Wu contacted the franchise brand.

each other enthusiastically told him, you can avoid the franchise fee, the first payment of 50 thousand yuan free delivery of $50 thousand, enjoy the opening of the headquarters with the gift of 100% exchange goods and a series of safeguards. In addition to these conventional methods, can also save 30 thousand yuan to join gold, Mr. Wu was very fond of. But then talk with the business, we know that the fee is only a small part of the increase, if the increase in the proceeds of the loan, decoration and rental fees, Mr. Wu also need to invest another 200 thousand yuan. This investment can get in return, businesses will keep from talking about.

also consulted a number of so-called zero join the company, Mr. Wu was aware that a lot of zero join refers to eliminating the need to pay 30 thousand yuan each year to join the gold, but does not rule out other costs. We want to open a shop, the need to invest 30 thousand yuan deposit, to ensure that the shop scale and time to achieve business requirements, otherwise it will not be refunded 30 thousand yuan premium. This is actually no difference between asking and joining fee." Mr. Wu said.



affiliate fees transferred to the product

investment failure Lin told reporters in frustration, is the value of zero fee at the end of last year, she visited a clothing in the best of spirits to join the company. "I saw a lot of the company’s certificate, the international certification of products, and finally decided to join the business." Nearly ten sets of solutions when the company staff handed over, each investment project have preferential, only thought at that time no fee is very cost-effective, there is no clear understanding of the market prospects of the project to blind investment, results of products on the market response is not good."

later Miss Lin went to understand, found that the company’s product purchase price after the introduction of zero join, have varying degrees of increase, which is clearly the transfer of the transfer fee to the product." Miss Lin said. After the opening of the store, as a result of the city

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