In fact,

business is not easy but it is not so difficult to imagine, sometimes not that must have very high cost or great facade can succeed in business, there are a lot of small businesses may not need too much investment can be successful, such as light is today’s hero, he opened a business is less than 1 meters of shops, the monthly income of more than 5 thousand!

"boss of a newspaper!" Boss, phone recharge 100 yuan!" Reporters on the scene saw, less than half an hour, "pocket shop" several hundred yuan turnover revenue. It is understood that after 80 young shopkeeper Wu Zhiwang home in Heyuan, in the "takeover" of the shop before or a chore.

"$5000 helping each of 6, 7 and August business a little short time is 3000 yuan a month, when the season every month more than 5000 yuan of income!" Substantial income is one happy, in the business shop frequently "helping others" and "Shijinbumei" story also let him feel warm.

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