in the process of economic development, although many companies have made significant progress. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, people’s living standards improve, enterprises are also facing the problem of transformation and upgrading. For the development of intelligent manufacturing enterprises, is now the focus of efforts to build Xiamen. So, how to build intelligent manufacturing enterprises in Xiamen? Is it true that the company can get the maximum subsidy?

wants to put the traditional production line in the enterprise for smart devices, but suffer from a lack of funds, how to do? Municipal Finance Bureau in conjunction with the Municipal Bureau of letters issued the "Interim Measures for the management of special funds for industrial transformation and upgrading of Xiamen" (hereinafter referred to as "measures") can help.

approach for technical transformation and integration of two, R & D innovation, brand building, manufacturing services and networking research and development applications and other fields to grant subsidies for manufacturing enterprises to save costs.

technical transformation of the highest standards to double

Xiamen Sanan Optoelectronics (600703, shares) Limited company of science and technology relevant person in charge of the company’s "high-end power GaN based led development and industrialization" project has just won the Xiamen city this year, industrial transformation and upgrading, reconstruction funds to support special funds. "This is the future development direction of our semiconductor lighting enterprises." Person in charge of the road, the research and development of the project can not only continue to improve the manufacturing technology of high-end LED products, but also improve production efficiency.

like technical renovation grants Sanan optoelectronics companies as well as 20. The "measures", for the technical transformation of enterprises will use grants mainly grants or loans to support post. Meanwhile, this year to further improve the standard of support, from the original maximum subsidy of 5 million yuan raised to $10 million.

in accordance with the provisions of the "measures", Xiamen technological transformation of enterprises subsidies of up to project total investment in fixed assets 10%, a discount rate of long-term lending rates up to the current bank interest, not more than two years. Single item discount amount or the amount of up to 10 million yuan subsidy.

Internet based intelligent manufacturing will become the future direction of transformation

reporter learned from domestic and industrial software, intelligent equipment, parts and components in different areas of the enterprise, continue to expand the scope of business and industry field, the successful transition to intelligent manufacturing system solutions provider, such as Qingdao mesnac from control software with rubber compounding process, and gradually extended to the auxiliary ingredients and processing equipment and other hardware products, and the development lifecycle management system; Wuxi Best from the key auto parts development for automotive industry Intelligent Recommendation

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