drinks are not popular with consumers, mainly to see how the taste of drink? Fruit juice drink is good, of course, consumers are most concerned about the choice of drinks. For a time the Benko professional juice brand, no one more than it knows how to open the mystery of delicious fruit. All along, Benko time is to improve the taste of mission, launched a number of high-quality fruit species, both traditional but different flavors of Watermelon Juice, Sydney juice, mango juice, peach juice and blueberry juice, let stores consumers overjoyed. It is because of Benko time in the product innovation, which makes the brand get a favorable market.


Benko market response time?

stalls investors: innovative products to consumers in droves, high-quality taste increase repeat number, and early lunch and supper time can run, the profit space is very broad, is really good!

: college students and students in ordinary consumers love store other collocation stalls snacks eat together, and at the end of term can take to go to the library or drink while walking, fashion brand image that is also very love


The new

brand: attention on micro-blog inadvertently see joy lemon cartoon mascot, is really very cute, but also in product review sites is also very popular, it is special to

related peripheral products!

: potential consumers have recently been heard colleagues say happy lemon, until one day they brought to the company after the long aroma is really crazy! Although work every day to see long queues, but go


as a business for many years the juice brand, Benko has always attached great importance to their time in the consumer’s reputation. Compared with the ordinary time fruit juice drinks, Benko has more market competitiveness and appeal, it is years of honest business, every little bit earned. Whether it is for little kids, or for 70 years old old man, Benko time are treated equally, did not despise every customer. Thus, Benko time became the juice to join a brand with market potential of most stores on the list.

The above is the simple introduction of

, Benko time to drink of course, if you are on the brand to join interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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