in the food and beverage franchise industry has a lot of people to join the brand is still in full swing in the operation, there are a lot of joining the brand is on the rise of the road, the coffee shop is such a new project. Coffee franchise has attracted more and more attention of entrepreneurs, I believe that careful people will find that the major tourist hot spots, a second tier city district are beginning to rise another coffee shop, some of the main theme, some flagship products, some of the star effect, but in the camp often appear many problems for example, the lack of management experience, marketing publicity awareness is difficult to put the cost too high, which led to many started, individual Cafe gradually disappear in the public view. Some coffee shops in the market to catch up from behind, a foothold. So how to make money to invest it?

Cafe location is very important, it is important to determine the survival of businesses. On the location of the selected mainly depends on the following elements: A, space, B, floor; C, the other: in addition to space and floor, there are some other factors will also affect the future of the store business is good or bad. For example, whether it is located in the corner, corner, whether there are columns, etc..

in the shop before, do some "best location", one of the most important work is the calculation and analysis of effective flow of people. The professional location of the approach is to send employees with a stopwatch to measure flow and target object location queries, which for ordinary investors although there are some operational difficulties, but in the location near the traffic investigation roughly and necessary to ask is a must.

good store design, not only beautify the coffee shop, but more important is to give consumers a good impression, play to attract customers, expand sales purposes. The premise of the store design is to grasp the trend of the times. In store appearance, shop head, store, store, use color, shape, sound and other skills to show. The more prominent personality, the more eye-catching.

store decoration should be fully considered with the original style and the surrounding store coordination. Although eye-catching personality, but once consumers feel vulgar, it will lose trust. The sign on the font size should be appropriate, too thick will make signs appear crowded, easy to damage the overall pattern, through the substrate color to highlight the name, the name should be concise and easy to understand, easy to remember the wound, except for special needs do not use cursive or foreign letters.

mature skills also need to be more mature mode of operation, which is the investment of the coffee shop you must master the skills, techniques and methods can achieve good fortune to help entrepreneurs quickly, do not ignore the importance of skills.

in the coffee market situation is good, the opening of a coffee shop is definitely a wise move. Select >

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