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as an option in the business, their sole purpose is to make money, earn a lot of money, so investors in the selection of projects will consider the brand income problem, take you to the city of the old Shen Jiahong Hot pot doubt it. Many people want to open shop Hot pot that Shen Jiahong old city Hot pot to join money?

we will be a 200 square meter store analysis:

total investment: 586 thousand

meal number: 160

Attendance: 100%

per capita consumption: 60 yuan

daily turnover: 9600 yuan

monthly turnover: 288000 yuan

month net profit: 57600 yuan

back to this period: 8 to 10 months

this is a small store of profits, to open a small shop can earn a lot of money, enough to see the old city of Shen Jiahong Hot pot joined to make money is in the affirmative, the old city Jiahong Shen Hot pot is hot investment, welcome to join the old city Hot pot Jiahong Shen, a person of noble aspirations.

if you want to join this project remember to give us a message below the site oh!

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