when the entrepreneurial policies to rural areas, the majority of people in the rural areas can be achieved at the doorstep entrepreneurial dream. The name "rabbit sister" Deng Min on the doorstep entrepreneurial success, life becomes more exciting.

"these Rex let me realize the doorstep of employment, find the opportunity to the color of life." Recently, in Xiang He Dian Xiang Teng Tatuyangzhi cooperatives Village of Huaibin County, Taiwan, responsible person Deng Min told reporters. In the Deng Min farm, I saw a row of rabbit houses neatly arranged, white fur of Rex is charmingly naive, twisted a stout body chewing vegetables.

5 years ago, Deng Min has been working outside, but as the child grew up to go to school, his father was old, able to work at home became her greatest desire. In 2011, the introduction of a friend, Deng Min decided to return to business, took out years of savings hands to build a farm.

mentioned in the future, Deng Min passion: "I plan in his hometown to create their own brand and the rabbit, deep processing of fur, trousers, boots made of rabbit rabbit like products. At the same time, the establishment of cooperatives, to attract more farmers to join the Rex, in accordance with the "professional cooperatives + base + farmers" mode of farming, driven by common entrepreneurial wealth."

The importance of

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