now no matter what people want to do business, the first is the location is a key factor, a good location scheme can actually help bring a good business, so, in real life, the restaurant location should pay attention to what.

Many factors should be considered in the

A, traffic

two, environmental characteristics of

The characteristics of

three, regional planning

four, the degree of competition

for competitive assessment can be divided into two different parts to consider. Restaurants that offer the same type of food service may lead to direct competition, which can be considered a negative factor. Indirect competition includes restaurants that offer different dishes and services. At any given location, competition in any form is worth considering, which could mean a potentially good location, and it could also be a bad place. Direct competition will not necessarily lead to a lose lose, on the contrary may also promote mutual prosperity.

competition density refers to the number of the same industry and related industries operating point of the restaurant and the region’s total number of seats, the business is too dense. This reflects the supply and demand of the catering industry in the region, is a direct reflection of the degree of competition. Is usually more competitive and recommended

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