for the children’s learning, and now many parents would rather suffer a little, but also want to let their children receive better education, can have a good academic performance. In short, children and women look into the Phoenix is the wish of the parents. Ms. Xie and her husband in Changsha business, business is so smooth, let her worry is that her daughter Xiao Xin (a pseudonym) learning does not always keep pace with.

In order to let his daughter

successfully admitted to the University, began in March of this year, Ms. Xie daughter sent a Guangyi Education Division, spent 100 thousand yuan of full-time training. Originally hoped that through the teacher one on one counseling, daughter can improve the results have been willing, however, the college entrance examination results came out, Xiao Xin only took 243 points.

spent 103 thousand yuan for her daughter tutorial, I hope to take an ideal university. Who knows the college entrance examination results came out, only 243 points, even the college did not find a Changsha, Ms. Xie Guangyi Education Division, hope for a statement. The school said that the teacher has done his best. Although the school promised to refund 10 thousand yuan training fees, but Ms. Xie given to the school, the daughter is stupid, this argument is not satisfied. In July 18th, she again found the school principals hope to make an apology.


spent more than 100 thousand yuan tutorial, college students are not admitted to the

education branch is located in the ancient road near guangyi. Spent about 100000 yuan ‘astronomical’ training, the results are still not ideal, do not say that the three, are not admitted to college." The 18 day, Ms. Xie came to a continuing education division for "statement guangyi".


and her husband do business in Changsha. She said that the family economic conditions are good, the only hope is that children can become. Her 18 year old daughter Xiao Yan, originally read, a middle school in houjiatang in March this year, the school teacher Jian Xiaoxin, the result is not good, he advised her to a cram school full-time class".

Xie said, when she found the training school, and consult the teacher, "I said my girl did not do well, here to have no, the teacher said to have, you will pack to". Ms. Xie said that the other party can reach two. At that time, he and the school had a security agreement, estimated to be 360 points to about 400 points. Who knows the results came out, the teacher sent a message to her, said Xin Xin only 243 points.

they (the school) said that my daughter’s fault, which means that her daughter is stupid, you said how to listen to the heart is not angry." Ms. Xie said that her daughter was a total of 103 thousand yuan tutorial, is divided into the two payment. "If it is my daughter’s problem, then the first time after the more than 40 thousand, the teacher and urge to pay more than second times more than 60 thousand?" Ms. Xie said.


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