is now the development speed of fresh electricity supplier industry is amazing, a lot of the new platform was born quietly, also achieved a lot, fresh electricity supplier together with social group purchase goods concept, meet the needs of the consumer market, brand strength is constantly on the rise.

is interesting, in the fight good founder Huang Zheng also did not want to clear how to go on the day of the Gao Rong capital and IDG investment. Reporters learned that the current fight just finished B round of financing, investment and financing amount has not been disclosed.

together market director Wu Mei of entrepreneur said, at the beginning of 2015, we sit together to discuss how to do good fight, when she was playing "group purchase bargain" activities play very well, but we need more people to participate, and bargain after the success of the payment process is very complex, then Bob asked her, if you make the first payment and then group purchase would you like? Wu Mei said, if it is a normal life activities, she is willing to, because the low cost of trial and error. As a result, the program ape students will soon make this little game, which has become the prototype of a good fight.

2015 April WeChat service line, the rapid growth of orders goods together since then, according to the 7 major areas, together the goods had seven WeChat service number, the basic national coverage, the number of WeChat fans add up to nearly 10 million. At the end of July 2015, App officially launched the goods together, in a promotional activity after two months after the end of the fight, good for 3 consecutive days in the IOS free list first, orders from 600 to today’s 600 thousand day peak.

Wu Mei

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