restaurant business forms, theme restaurants is one of them. The theme of the restaurant can help consumers to clear their purpose of consumption, consumer demand is obviously very natural, so the theme of the restaurant is very popular, especially among young consumers. What is the theme restaurant. Theme restaurant is decorated around one or more topics, so that the guests into the store feel a kind of atmosphere, such as the revolutionary restaurant martial arts restaurant and other different themes. Although it is a new direction for the development of the industry, many people have doubts about this new thing, the following analysis of the theme of the restaurant.

Analysis of the potential of

theme restaurant

first, the theme of the restaurant

1, the new model allows customers to shine

restaurant to the customer is to create a kind of atmosphere, all of the topics are coordinated, the layout and the traditional store decoration is very different to the customer, a unique dining environment, scene design is very attractive for


2, can effectively attract the target population

theme restaurant because of its distinctive features, in the hearts of the customers have very obvious characteristics, the customer will naturally have a holistic evaluation of the restaurant, distinctive features can be the most effective to attract the target population.

3, the right to operate, you can build brand influence


scene theme restaurant building, and general Restaurant restaurant, in addition to the basic food and beverage service, still use a way to provide cultural services, customers eat completely immersed in some kind of atmosphere in the restaurant and other competition, have to remember irreplaceable competitive advantage, is the one and only position in the minds of consumers.

two, the theme of the disadvantages of the restaurant

1, novelty effect is difficult to maintain

opened at the beginning, a lot of people because of the unique environment, but after a period of time, the customer has tired heart, resulting in the loss of old customers

2, geographical restrictions

this is a business model from the West into China, but the location of the restaurant is more stringent, while the investment is very large, difficult to recover the cost of a short period of time, geographical restrictions, the risk is relatively high.

3, theme selection

this is a very important theme restaurant

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