this year to all colleges and universities will start entrepreneurship education into the teaching curriculum system, in fact, as early as a few years ago there was a part of the pilot colleges and universities entrepreneurship education, through exploring the most suitable education mode, cultivate a school will be able to successfully carry out the road of entrepreneurship students hit off.

vigorously promote public entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship education in Colleges and universities today are not new, but its integration into the system of undergraduate teaching, the "business" two words printed on the certificate of bachelor’s degree, Diploma in domestic universities, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology is the only one.

"teaching theory, teaching practice, more important is to cultivate the students’ spirit of entrepreneurship." Professional manager, associate professor of management Wu Manlin said. In this manner, how to teach?

to enter the business class from

to run

now entrepreneurship upsurge in college students, almost each application has more than 80 people competing for 30 places into the class threshold with: physical fitness test + psychological test + interview, just the first three off. This standard, from the first phase of 2009 to today.



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