despite the consensus that the electricity supplier in this industry has a bright future, but the battle fight at outrance industry development can not be avoided. For home appliance class electricity supplier, many people will ask a question, that is, in 2012 who will live better?

in August 14th, Jingdong and Suning began to smoke four, Liu Qiangdong again announced on his personal micro-blog, "from the start at nine tomorrow morning, the Jingdong store all everybody electric price than Suning online cheap! And the bottom line of cheap, if Suning can sell 1 yuan, the Jingdong the price is 0.8 yuan to buy electricity! Everyone, do not pay attention to the Jingdong will suffer!"

first, buy appliances online purchase is an irreversible trend

as the main force of the 80, 90 after the influx of the Internet, coupled with the constant improvement of online shopping prices and security, so that online shopping more affordable, has been deeply into the subconscious of the purchase of friends. Other online shopping aside, said to buy appliances as we all know, the Jingdong, Jingdong to buy home appliances has become an indisputable fact, the Jingdong in the traditional television advertising implants, including their service is very mature, still formed to buy appliances to the Internet, online shopping is to become a Jingdong the most popular.

two, Jingdong launched the price is online and offline


mentioned above Jingdong’s purchase advantage, it is not difficult to see that the other competitors have been suppressed to the recent events, you can see a lot of clues. Liu Qiangdong said a lot of speculation about the cause of the war, "I have no money to open out: all Jingdong to sell to Pulos I didn’t hit the field not to anger; anniversary anger; the gun black Jingdong no anger; obstruct suppliers and Jingdong no anger; but the use of individual local government relationship to the US, my anger! I want to blow your Yin Yang toxin


on the face of this war, Liu Qiangdong is confident, Liu Qiangdong said, "the traditional retail store to countless thousands of rent, the huge cost of the electronic commerce, and as long as thousands of servers, so we take 2 thousand servers to 2 thousand stores in the competition, I think the advantage is obviously.

three, the next line of home appliance market profiteering disclosure

said Chinese retail giants in 2, 3 years ago, people say Suning, Gome, but now the electricity supplier of the smoke, the total retail network is in the upward trend year by year, increasing sales by expanding the traditional retail stores have to change the development strategy.

Liu Qiangdong said, "the only way to win the price war is to continue to reduce operating costs, the Jingdong mall currently operating costs are 50% lower than traditional retailers, the future price war no matter how many years, we are not afraid."

four, Liu Qiangdong blasted the line appliance profits rejection

Suning Appliance announcement: to be released 8 billion yuan of corporate bonds. Plus last month’s private placement

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