August 8th, every orchard in Shanghai announced that the new round of financing for D + 100 million yuan, Zhangjiang hi tech shares. At the same time, the orchard every day with the French Riesz Rand Dairy Group officially reached a strategic cooperation. According to reports, the cooperation means that every orchard will upgrade the supply chain, the development of fresh products.


data show that every orchard was established in 2009 in Shanghai, the main import fruit. Orchard every day since 2011 in the state of continuous financing. Wang Wei, founder of the orchard every day, said the funds raised by the financing will be invested in the continuous improvement of the user experience and logistics.

shop in front of the closure of the dynamic, Wang Wei responded that, not rumors that the fresh industry is going downhill, he mentioned the store is not high efficiency, only 200 – 300 per day alone. "Combined with stores and online consumption is not a good pattern of consumption" Wang Wei said, the store into the warehouse, no foreign business, operating efficiency of 3 times, the cost is reduced by 70%, the number of orders per day increased to about 1500 single. According to reports, at present, the main warehouse every day in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen,, said Wang Wei, the gradual expansion of the country’s warehouse expansion. According to his plan to do a good job in the first tier cities, second tier cities to do three."

as the financing side, Zhangjiang hi tech general manager Ge Peijian said, as the Zhangjiang hi tech orchard every day "landlord", also in accordance with the transformation of ideas the landlord + shareholders, become a time partner orchard every day "".

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