Taobao closed door dozens of suspected hype crown shop was blocked overnight. This one, for a week in the crazy brush crown sellers, there are also some through and trust business, has accumulated to five drill, but at the last minute by the red crown of the brush reputation of the seller work not completed. Regardless of the depth of the depth of the brush reputation, these would like to rely on the crown Title sellers to make money, have touched the bottom line of Taobao has long existed, became the first batch of speculation because of the credibility of the Taobao store was closed.

qinzeixianqinwang, long war! Through this "ban" action, the reporter that "brush credit" phenomenon in Taobao will no longer exist, because this kind of behavior is "I want to hold The loss outweighs the gain., admits that the catch on the crown, do not brush after brushing a total of less than one thousand! The reputation, store is the ‘crown’, but was permanently closed, four employees did not work together with me." The seller will be the seller’s words will always be vigilant in their minds.

Ma from the first network business fair to "fake" seller’s warning, to great efforts to "brush credit" sellers punishment, many sellers have felt in Taobao’s survival crisis. As the largest e-commerce trading platform, help countless people realize their dream of online shop, open shop network early also let some people get rich first up, more people are open shop and rich story inspired, invariably joined. When they really set up shop to do business, but found that although the scenery is beautiful, but the competition is not small, their commodity prices are too high, the credibility is too low, too few customers…… So, selling "fake", "brush credit" has become a part of people get rich quick.

after all, as the network will make money as the primary goal, but whether it is Taobao, ah or pat are just the platform to make money, "28 principles" also applies in this platform, that is to say 20% of the sellers will earn 80% of the money, the remaining 80% people would have to compete for the remaining 20%. Market." An independent network told reporters, "so fierce in the platform competition, as well as their own to build a shop, as long as the characteristic, promotion and service, the probability of success is greater."

blue cool fashion team operates a Levis sales of foreign trade clothing independent shop (, set up more than a year, has now formed 10 brand chain, now has more than 1 thousand fixed customers, but also the development of more than 6000 members, the monthly sales exceeded 200 thousand.

currently the most mainstream independent shop system has ECSHOP, SHOPEX, etc., in the financial crisis broke out in 2009, every day to download a separate online shop system is still hundreds of users. "More and more network operators began to realize the importance of the platform, the platform is open to give half of success, compared with" high risk dependence ", independent shop can meet the network’s independent management and promotion.

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