today, babe network 9.8 anniversary officially launched, has been pursuing the professional values of babe network access to many big support. The day before, mercury textile executives to bring employees together for the anniversary wish babe network recording video, the full 499 yuan minus 100 yuan large welfare to the mother 50 million.


is a well-known domestic brand Home Furnishing mercury home textiles, an important foundation is China modern textile industry, the company has always been with the babe network maintained good relations of cooperation, is committed to providing more high-quality textile goods and services for 50 million users to meet the mother’s mother, home shopping needs. The babe network 9.8 anniversary, mercury textile executives to bring employees blessing babe network Happy birthday, and hope to the future of mobile providers in the ocean surf babe network, create brilliant.


as an important partner of babe network, the anniversary of the mercury textile still fought with babe network, from now until September 12th the end of the event, as long as the user in the mother babe network buy mercury textile products, you can enjoy from the full 499 yuan minus 100 yuan premium benefits. As the birthday of the protagonist, babe network but also for the user gives extra gift, such as full 300 back to 300, massive red, big goods seckill, 0 yuan lottery, double discount surprise babe network and brand for all mothers.

it is reported that the 9.8 anniversary, in addition to the mercury textile, there are many big executives blessing video, the video also take turns playing in babe APP, many gifts will be sent.

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