with the rapid change of the consumer market and the concept of consumers in their own way of life, consumption environment, consumption concept and consumption capacity level will take place a series of changes, which ultimately leads to changes in consumer choice and decision, this is the consumer to upgrade. The result of the consumer upgrade is not a single, but a diversified, it may mean spending more money to go upscale, it may mean that the pursuit of personalized, differentiated and labeled with the appropriate money. Consumer upgrades will inevitably bring some level of consumer awareness, the idle economy is the most typical type of share economy.

idle transaction is a progressive

Internet has brought great impact and changes to people’s lives, all benefit from the basic necessities of life. With the migration of the Internet to the mobile terminal, information exchange and communication between people more direct and convenient. The sharing economy is popular, and gradually penetrate into people’s daily life and consumption concept, especially the carpool, sharing economic products to ride the way people travel, strengthen the identity of the people on the idea of sharing economy.

idle trade is also a way to share the economy, but also a relatively mature and rational consumption concept, because it solves some of the waste of resources. With the prosperity of the shared economy, idle transactions will gradually become a trend. In a certain sense, it is a kind of consumer consciousness, is a kind of consumption concept of progress.

eBay – the first person

idle transaction

eBay is the world’s largest online auction and shopping site. It is the people in the exchange of information and products, services and goods around the community to build up the first e-commerce site, C2C (B2C) and consumers to provide a trading platform. It provides not only the sale of new products, but also to provide mature idle goods transactions.

between new products and idle goods, eBay called on consumers to buy idle goods in order to conserve and recycle resources, thereby protecting the environment. Green shopping department as head of eBay said: "a lot of people think to environmental protection must produce environmental protection material made of products, but eBay believes that if we buy idle goods, you don’t need to reproduce this product." According to statistics, eBay online is indeed more than 60% of the turnover from idle transactions. So, Peter Thiel co-founder of PayPal on environmental protection enterprises in an entrepreneurial lecture in Standford, said: "what is the world’s largest environmental companies? EBay actually, it established the world’s largest waste recycling and reuse of platform."

eBay as the first person idle trading platform, leading the concept of consumption upgrade to practical action, is a model of industry. It can also be a glimpse, idle trade prevails, will also be a global trend.

hunting fun, how to become a Chinese version of eBay?

with "Internet plus" and "sharing economy" two new wave "

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