for network promotion before I wrote "Baidu search keywords ranking seven secrets" many of my friends know the quiz promotion, but do not know where to start, a QQ friend in my share when Baidu encyclopedia at me and asked me to write the article, did you write this? I said yes after, with his communication, I understand that they don’t know that I QQ, read the article can only wait, so in a few days ago I was in the blog on QQ, so every day there are so few people with my QQ, so after their problems, He Kuzong wrote today a network promotion seven tips for the extension of the first chapter quiz. Nonsense not to say, directly into the theme.

why go to other questions and answers platform at the same time to promote

from the previous chapters have explained that platform issues, but I do not ask questions and answer promotion only at one platform, we need to be in any of the popular quiz platform to promote, in order to confuse users, if only to know the other hot quiz platform are no concern, is a fool also know that in the hype, it like as we see the Reds, the news said in a Post Bar or because the community is concerned friends broke and became popular, one will know that this is false, do too fake, do you think you are Guanyin, Xi Shi? China is not lack of beauty, so users are aware that the Reds are spreading out SB. We have to do is not to let the Internet users know that even if we do bad people also want to make a kind face, which is an essential business ability, we need to do SEO marketing, and so on.

360 Q & a promotion Sogou search to avoid asking questions no answer

We know that although

has been changed to Sogou Soso Ask ask permission, but still some people want to search, a large number of registered QQ account, but registered account N years ago by the Tencent to limit, so don’t waste time to register, but for the forum has entered Sogou ask webmaster, this is not important webmaster, need only in their own forums can be displayed in the ask Sogou, and there will be an answer, but not every webmaster forum, there is no forum for enterprise promotion and the webmaster can make 360 inquiry platform promotion.

360 Q & a promotion efficiency is very high

360 registered accounts, registered with Baidu know account as the first 50 registered 360 account, ask the promotion, when you ask questions, remember to transfer without classification, then the default classification error, resulting in no one answered the situation.

questions must be regarded as the mentality of the second party to ask questions, I can change him. After you ask questions will be a lot of small question and answer web site to grab, so to promote a lot of efficiency, Baidu crawl 360 questions is very fast. Generally speaking, there are a lot of 360 questions basically answer, because many people use the 360 security guards to ask more people, there is a person who is more than 360 Q & a reward, as well as the

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