with the rapid development of e-commerce, the traditional retail industry is facing unprecedented challenges, and the development of the electricity supplier in the context of the physical computer retail stores is more difficult. Solid computer retailers face the predicament, re-examine their own efforts to find suitable for their own development strategies, which will promote the reform and innovation of enterprises, enhance their market competitiveness, survival and development of the entity computer retail store.

first, the electricity supplier in the context of the development of the status quo of physical computer retail stores

with the rapid development of social economy and information technology, more and more people in work, life and entertainment more cannot do without personal computer and ancillary products, digital products, which provides a good opportunity for the development of computer retail industry. Especially after the reform and opening up, along with the popularity of the personal computer, the demand increased year by year, real computer retail stores as the main consumption areas of computer consumers, to meet the great demand for personal computer and digital products. Solid computer retailing had fast, has become a computer manufacturers and distribution channels of the darling, also had sales expanding flourishing days. However, by 2012, the computer retail market, although sales are still rising trend, but the growth rate of the market continues to decline, shrinking profit margins.

in 2014, the global economy is in a downturn, China’s economic growth is slowing, many consumers tend to tighten due to financial reasons for their purchase behavior more cautious. And the rapid rise and rapid development of e-commerce, and exerted great influence on people’s consumption concept and shopping behavior, caused no small pressure on the survival and development of all this to the store as the main camp of traditional computer retail industry. Store more and more low, the winter and summer vacation, holiday sales season prosperity ceased to exist; and manufacturers and sales channels to support a gradual decline in the entity, computer retail profit margins are squeezed, computer retailers in some three or four days of decline, the city computer city, computer retailers have to shrink the front, the scene appeared down.

two, the plight of the physical computer retail stores

(a) the size of the physical computer retail stores in smaller

according to the survey, the current size of the traditional computer retail stores are becoming smaller and smaller. There are many reasons, first is the economic downturn, followed by the government anti-corruption action as well as the three consumer withdraw, in addition, online shopping has become increasingly popular, which result in either the procurement unit or personal consumption, size are reduced, traffic stores in decline, sales on the decline.

(two) of the retail price of solid computer retail stores fell by

solid computer retail stores gathered in the general computer city, business district and other competitors is intensive, the convenience of customers to buy but also for consumers provides convenience in comparison between different vendors, low consumption.

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