Baidu C2C domain big exposure is very satisfied with ten minutes to register the light related domain name

Baidu C2C domain name is really very satisfied with the


September 2008 25 nights. Baidu launched its own C2C mall. The temporary use of sub domain, and invited 9999 beta.

, however, according to sources, Baidu mall is definitely the use of an independent domain name, and is likely to be very take very shopping, very satisfied with the meaning. The ten and the hundred also correspond to each other, and there is a certain degree of correlation. Good for new brand promotion. Name is china.

Because Baidu

to do C2C mall, is facing the need to use the amount of merchants settled 2 sub domain name. Therefore, the use of independent domain name in order to better solve this problem. And before you know the Internet products are very different.

the most obvious evidence is that yesterday, Baidu launched if you use the Ping approach, it can be Ping out of According to industry sources, to achieve such an effect, can only be bound by Baidu, it may be out of ping. And registration information is indeed Baidu.

in addition, the news came out of a small range, the relevant approximate domain name was registered in ten minutes. Hundreds of very similar domain names are registered. It is reported that this is not to allow the acquisition of Baidu, but in order to obtain a more direct income.

is said to be a large number of domain names registered domain names may be the reason:

1 now is a temporary domain name. And the official also stated that C2C is an independent domain name. It is now tested, so it is not released.

2 really belongs to Baidu. (that’s for sure) the domain name has a bearing on Baidu.

3 is still quite in line with the mall to do some of the basic conditions, and domain names. Very shopping, very satisfied. Comparison of Chinese

4 Baidu is currently bound to the domain to believe that many friends are out of ping.

5 surface is not Baidu. But it could still be a disguise. The is in the hands of 2 chiefs, asking price is extremely high. Purchase difficulty can be imagined. And if I was Baidu to establish a brand new website, you can choose a good double.

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