Sina’s "star strategy" makes micro-blog quickly in the Chinese popular, Sina micro-blog has become the most popular micro-blog, although many aspects are not mature, for example: basically are college students and employees to play micro-blog, not with Chinese users hands a QQ associated (seemingly never the group function, no), never more than celebrities (grassroots V word certification and V certification is a world of difference, like the bag LV two letters are worth double the same), so far only included the search engine such as Chen Yao, Li Kaifu, famous micro-blog (SEMer cry).

watch micro-blog home page, the basic recommendations are entertainment. Micro-blog Plaza in the popularity of "on the list" and "grassroots concern list" in the top ten, in addition to Yu Minhong Li Kaifu, the godfather figure and jokes by famous several people, most of the other basic belong to people or entertainment, a fan of Li Yuchun Zhou Bichang.

popular forward and popular review is basically dominated by V authentication character, often write jokes grassroots occasionally on the list.

after this period of observation found that funny insightful statements, anti government corruption, anti authority, real-time dynamic class micro-blog will be frequently forwarded (except for the grassroots, has passed the scripts, these famous grassroots) micro-blog needs a celebrity to assist can be widely.

it is worth mentioning that the fans do not mean that your micro-blog can be widely spread, but also need to interact with fans often, causing their attention, so as to make their own topic easier to spread out.

of course, the more fans, the greater the coverage of the promotion, so, in order to promote the use of micro-blog, the first thing to do is to increase the number of fans, Sina, micro-blog has 4 ways to increase the number of fans:

1 constant attention to others. This is one of the most simple, you pay attention to others, some people will also pay attention to your Sina, micro-blog daily focus is limited to 200; note that the best you focus on people is more than 200 fans, so to your promotion is very useful, do not pay much attention to celebrity early because of the celebrity, little attention to others.

2 micro-blog. This approach to increase the fans are basically the same with your city, the drawback is that these people are concerned about your new number.

3 to look at the city or micro-blog comments inside someone else’s micro-blog. If the words properly, but also to attract a group of people concerned about you.

4 combined with the current hot topic to send some brilliant words, widely reproduced. So there will be some people come to your attention. Such as the following micro-blog, was 1 hours to get forwarded more than 300 times, making fans surge 100:

to sum up, sina is currently an entertainment oriented platform for micro-blog. Cosmetics, luxury goods and other things can be completely Sina micro-blog as a promotion platform, pay attention to

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