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group purchase website news, service query, layoffs storm, and so the phenomenon are destroyed with fracture of funds in the minds of consumers of the component group purchase website. Since the business letter word for the first group purchase website, the trust crisis has caused a slowly spread, today you dare group purchase? Answer: not


group purchase website if winter comes? Tokgo in the wind could not cite Wang founder network, the U.S. group net group purchase website said two Tencent under the micro-blog Xing analysis: "this is the first winter group purchase industry, my life has gone through more than and 30 winter, every winter is a growth.". Can be seen from the words of Wang Xing, buy site is currently experiencing the test of the winter, but he bought the network as the first winter as his 30 winter in a normal winter. There is no such thing as lose and gain, it is just an experience of life. This sentence was calm, calm and relaxed.


of course, Gaopeng before in the United States also hit a stunning group purchase sales records, but in China? The negative news, did not see the profit of the dawn! Is winter in the United States is not coming to China directly touch on? This is not accidental, but demand dictates. Looking ahead, China’s consumer market can be described as a piece of cake, who is the first person to eat cake, who may occupy most of the land. Perhaps this is the real reason for gaopeng. But that is not the case, before China China Gaopeng, there have been a number of group purchase website, but the rest basically scanty now. Gaopeng high-profile catch China group purchase the last bus, after several months of layoffs is low. These phenomena show that: group purchase website to real profit, not the so-called strategy can really change back to burn.

blind burn, blind expansion, blind marketing, the end result is a crisis of confidence of consumers, investors indecisive. Group purchase website come to an end? Whether like online rumors that the whole industry will be a few large group purchase website is divided according to feel the wind alone? "According to the 2011 August trend! China group purchase report" shows that in August the national group purchase website reached 5039, total sales exceeded 1 billion 250 million yuan, however, these sales are only less than 10 hours of local small website, the closure of the site far exceeds the number of the number of new. Among them, the United States mission to 130 million of sales among the top three.

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group purchase website is more and more uncertain, the U.S. mission network has maintained a strong rise in the end, into the university campus recruitment plan, the recent listing of all kinds of behavior, all show the U.S. group net reserve resources, open up the battlefield ready. According to the analysis of wind below Tokgo meituan why can maintain substantial performance of

group purchase way ahead?

(1) internal staff is fine rather than multi

The number of employees in the

group is the lowest compared with the other ten groups

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