is known as the generation of personality after 90 gradually become the main consumer, the user needs to buy more and more emphasis on personality". Here the concept of personality tend to be more differentiation and advance, a "dare to be the first, walk in front of the people," the high concept.

aimed at "individualism" demands, a "Chi in bid" ( website breakout success, by virtue of "shock" way of shopping and entertainment, on-line less than half a year has been widely recognized by users praise.

with the good performance of curiosity, the author has carried on the simple experience of wisdom in bid, fresh and refined feeling that I can not help but sigh, the nascent Internet could bring so many surprises in a web site.

a surprise: Cheap Trick rolling

When you enter

Chi in bid, you will find the eyes full of ridiculous price, iPhone price of less than 100 yuan, a few dollars a few cents, flowers delivery tickets… Such absurd prices, all goods without exception.

Although the price of

and with the emergence of the countdown has revealed the price of the "ordinary" meaning, but as a consumer, so fierce price or people can not help but to find out the product page.


wisdom in the official bid screenshot

surprise two:

shopping mode shock

when you click on the page, you will see a big hint, "do you want to know why the price is so low?". Have to say this to the author is right.


really want to praise the designer of the site, really can seize the user’s heart

this site shopping – bid treasure, like a game. Each commodity open to buy when the price is 0 yuan, whenever a user "bid", will increase the price of 0.01 yuan, the countdown to the countdown to the 10 seconds, if successfully reached 0 seconds, at the end of "bid" users can buy goods with the price at that time. Every bid, you need to consume a certain amount of virtual currency users. But if the bid treasure fails, you can also make up the difference for the purchase, the business is really considerate oh.


wisdom in the official picture bid

mode so that the entire shopping process is full of fun and fun, greatly different from other direct purchase of electricity providers.

surprise three: lovely stay Meng web design

if you start to hate the kind of traditional electricity supplier with goods and information stacked together to show the way the page, in the bid may have to give you a big surprise

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