electricity supplier bigwigs had to invest heavily in self built logistics platform, while stepping up to raise funds.

intensified in the price war at the same time, each electricity supplier logistics war has opened. The day before, suning.com launched a logistics "blitz", relying on its own in the O2O mode the advantages of shopping in the distribution efficiency of Jingdong, so that the electricity supplier market gunpowder concentrated pole.

industry believes that the biggest obstacle to the realization of the O2O model is the ability to logistics services, logistics and distribution efficiency of the last mile, electricity providers in the market competition is an extremely important factor. Behind the electricity supplier war, in fact, logistics war. However, how to ease the financial pressure caused by the construction of the logistics system, will become the biggest test of the major electricity supplier.

Suning started racing and

818 has become the electricity supplier industry, second only to the double eleven promotional carnival. This year, the enthusiasm of the electricity supplier did not cut a little more than in previous years. In the past promotional activities, the electricity supplier is the most questioned the logistics strength, in recent years, the electricity supplier also invariably spend heavily to improve logistics, to attract consumers to buy.

Su ningyun operations headquarters executive vice president Li Bin said, "818" suning.com will put up a pageantry started racing business war, the three main logistics services up to half a day, "speed up" and "three times a day to send all will be fully implemented in August.

It is reported that suning.com

, users will buy goods and delivery address intelligent matching, O2O mode advantages make electricity supplier distribution limitation records greatly refresh, this service will cover 12 stores in Beijing city in August the implementation of regional.

are always logistics construction and Jingdong in the mall to put up a pageantry. Since 2009, Jingdong in the national layout of warehousing and logistics center, the construction of B2C logistics center.

senior industry observer, e-commerce industry analyst Liang Zhenpeng believes that since last year, the process of the Internet open physical stores, Suning to promote the integration of online and offline O2O mode in the first half of this year is paying off, all over the country 1600 Suning stores have become its logistics and distribution network, providing local services for landing of online sales the platform, become the latest rapid up service support strong. Electricity supplier to the online and offline channels to fully open up the formation of the logistics network coverage and services, is the key to win the competition.

logistics construction into the sales gold cave

at the beginning of this year to the end of July, suning.com in the electricity industry relatively low-key. The reporter was informed that this year suning.com focus on dormant, do the background construction. In the aspect of logistics base construction, the first half of this year, Suning has new logistics base is built and put into use, while continuing to promote the construction of store delivery points, service network, optimization of logistics operation mode and the long tail goods distribution rules.

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