honey bud CEO Liu Nan

from March 2014, was also known as honey bud baby honey bud on the line; to now, become the mother and child vertical electric business leader team. The only thing that does not change is the change. Because the development of the mother and baby industry is too fast, the situation is so different every year.

in the 2016 China maternal new channel summit, honey bud CEO Liu Nan entitled "mother do, or expand the depth?" speech, elaborated in the current context, the strategic direction of honey bud, and why it would be so


what is cross-border


in the past, a lot of people think that cross-border electricity providers can help users save taxes; but in fact, the biggest value of cross-border is to help practitioners have more choices in the supply chain.

therefore, cross-border supply chain is actually the ability in the test of the electricity supplier "global selection".

to jackfruit as an example, although it was very late, but the Japanese supply chain his strength is very strong, have enough difference.

2015, honey bud first launched cross-border electricity supplier price war, and this price war is indeed to bring a lot of users honey bud, a good market exposure. But soon, with the Jingdong in April 2015 announced the global purchase, then the United States, such as vip.com and Tmall also joined the cross-border electricity supplier, international rally in the last year. After the giants into the board, the entire cross-border competition becomes very intense, the threshold has increased a lot.

three wave

in the past, the maternal and child retail industry, there are three very obvious wave:

first phase, from KA.

KA is the super market and wholesale, maternal and child specialized stores began to appear. In fact, this trend is obvious, and until now there are many of the birth of this year’s professional baby retail chain is still very active in the service of users.

second, 2008 -2014, chain stores, mail order catalogs appeared +PC business.

red child is the best company in this stage.

turning point is 2012. 2012 is China’s Internet and electricity supplier industry suffered a very obvious winter. That year, there have been a lot of vertical electricity supplier was mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, liquidation, was a hostile takeover.

third phase, 2014 – so far.

2014, there has been a wave of vertical electricity supplier rise, while the mother and child electricity supplier to become one of the very important. There are three sources of vertical electricity supplier driven: Mobile Internet, cross-border supply chain, the scene of the service.


2014 is the year of the yuan awakening, many mothers and children

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