had previously been fiery "War Within Three Kingdoms electric" pseudo price war finally came to an end, with the domestic electricity supplier Godfather "in Ma Yun’s words:" the business with vigour and vitality "War Within Three Kingdoms" and "finally the comic farce end start". Jingdong mall initiative to provoke the price war, nothing more than a huge pressure on capital. For the domestic long-term survival by VC capital business industry, many commercial enterprises are relying on to earn money. Electricity supplier companies understand a truth, in the field of domestic electricity supplier, and finally only a few electricity supplier must have the right to speak in the market. There is nothing more important than to speed up the industry reshuffle to ensure that they can survive in the reshuffle.

data show that in recent years, network advertising costs continue to rise, B2C platform advertising costs increased sharply in 187%, the B2C website through search engines to get a new user costs also rose to more than 200 yuan, more than a lot of business enterprise is only the marketing expenses accounted for 20% of turnover, this series of data show that the traditional the business enterprise needs a new marketing model, to reduce the cost of marketing, boosting its development. At the same time, because of false advertising in recent years is rampant, many consumers have been cheated by the false advertisement experience. In this special commercial atmosphere, doubts about domestic users of the advertising information provided by relatives and friends for them, and opinion leaders or Master information is more reliable, and the information is often through social media to share, so the social business model will be produced.

from the global Internet market, the social electricity supplier model for a long time, and achieved some success. As early as 10 years ago, the United States of a website called Threadless will attempt by the community to sell the clothes, and created 1 days sold more than 30 thousand T-shirts in the history, the home also has a Giordano online store with sina micro-blog, micro-blog and other Tencent social media cooperation.

traditional electricity supplier companies want to try this model of social electricity supplier, nothing more than two ways, one is to cooperate with social networking sites, and the other to build their own community of electronic business platform. In cooperation with the social networking site, have multiple users can choose the customer base, precision high platform is its advantage, and many users have formed the habit of sharing on social networking sites, for this it is very important to attract new customers. But social networking sites do not have a very strong shopping shopping atmosphere, and with respect to self built community of electronic business platform, the customer is not accurate enough to its shortcomings. If the traditional business enterprise self community of electronic business platform, the customer is very accurate, and can be a very good service and old customers to buy again, but the user base by business platform, users do not share good habits and become their shortcomings discussed. Is the best network marketing strategy for integrated marketing, if the traditional enterprise wading social business of this model, the integration of these two ways is the most sensible choice.

whether with social networking sites or self built community of electronic business platform, power >

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