electronic Invoicing era opens. With the explosive growth of e-commerce, the most prominent problem is the development of tickets difficult, which not only caused a huge loss of revenue, but also to the consumer rights to bring evidence barriers, but also brings regulatory problems. Full implementation of electronic Invoicing, whether for government regulation, or sales channels, the interests of consumers, have a positive meaning. At the same time, electronic invoices can also promote the standardization of enterprise management, tax regulation.

electronic invoices pilot since 2012 the rapid development, but also face a series of problems, such as the enterprise can not be reimbursed, and the difficulty of uniform national standards and other issues, now become China’s implementation of the main obstacles encountered in the electronic invoice.

electronic invoicing is becoming "fashion"".

effective transaction results when trading website information display, without manual operation, the system will automatically billing invoices, which not only save a lot of labor and transportation costs, but also fundamentally avoids the phenomenon of false invoices. In today’s electricity supplier in the context of a full blowout, this invisible electronic invoices will have full charm and necessity.

for help in terms of the tax authorities, tax collection and invoice management of electronic invoices; for billing companies, can greatly save the cost; for consumers, contribute to the ecological benefits and rights of electronic invoices; electronic invoice is no doubt. Therefore, as a symbol of the era of electricity supplier products, electronic Invoicing this new industry is about to usher in a full-blown outbreak.

professionals, electronic Invoicing has more than one billion yuan market urgent need to tap. Chai Yueting, head of the State Council e-commerce expert group to the daily economic news reporter, said the electronic data mining and utilization of large data will also be very broad derivative market.

electricity supplier era electronic invoices came into being

The explosive growth of

e-commerce, has been fully reflected in the lives of everyone, shopping mall in the past, and now visit the site shopping, mobile phone shopping spending for most people feel.

iResearch data show that in 2014 Chinese e-commerce market size of 12 trillion and 300 billion yuan, an increase of 21.3%; among them, B2B e-commerce market accounted for over 70% of online shopping accounted for over 20% of online shopping accounted for a significant upgrade of small and medium sized enterprises; B2B electricity market revenue grew over 30%; the annual online shopping online penetration for the first time exceeded 10%; the size of the mobile shopping market growth rate of over 200%.

e-commerce has changed the lives of everyone, but also for the regulatory authorities to bring great regulatory difficulty, how to buy fake rights, how to regulate the electricity supplier business tax issues are placed in front of reality. As a result, electronic Invoicing has become one of the ways to solve these problems.

State Council e-commerce expert group leader Chai Yueting at Societe Generale Securities electronic invoice thematic meeting mentioned that electronic invoices have huge and realistic market demand >

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