in the "universal WeChat everyone is my friend" s, WeChat open circle of friends, is to observe the social phenomena in the world. Friends have a sun loving mood ~ ~ of course more and more of these people sell things "" marketing ".

A lot of people do

derivative, it is not without forcing for advertising, you stupid black Zezheng, brush strange, buy.

in such an era, micro business in the end how to do not be friends circle shield it?

I think before doing micro business, we must come up with at least a week to brush the sense of presence. The first point of praise, comments, praise the interaction of others, and then send some material, or bring inspiration, or to bring happiness to others. A week, a good impression, first impression, only good first impression, they will not take you as a derivative, do not pull you black.

so how to advertise in their own, people can buy your stuff?

is actually very simple, you will become like selling behavior, is it better to do some


want to be me, is very simple, as long as you use pictures and text can be.

where can I find these pictures?

because of my friend very much, every day I will take 2 hours to see the circle of friends, find good, save to download mobile phone, have good scripts also copy and paste, but also can change what, this will usher in a point like.

sometimes, I would also like to brush some of the life, so that people think I’m very real, the results or point like a.

I say these things, it is not a joke, really work, every day thinking, summary, refine the results obtained. Summary is 3:

first: as long as the circle of friends, read on the point of praise, you can not comment, but a certain point of praise, point of praise expressed concern, you pay attention to him, he will focus on you, so simple.

second: see good, be sure to comment. Do not love the love, can not comment, must carefully review, you care about him, he cares about you, to exchange feelings, and even you will sell things, will see fit to buy, you will not add black.

usually shield you, plus black you, are your character has a problem, others do not love to see you, shielding.

third: every day to play some of the TV series, not the old ad.

the so-called TV series, that is, your life, you eat and drink live with the line, a full set. Can also be in the subway a candid beauty, even a figure, can also take portraits of infringement, to take a beautiful figure partly hidden and partly visible, long ugly face, can never mind, leaving room for imagination.

see beauty, others will click, no why, human reproduction to today, the results of natural selection.


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