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SEO literal translation is the search engine optimization, their website through a variety of ways to optimize the site in the search engine rankings, so that more people to visit the site, get traffic. Many people are now in the study, a lot of people are arguing about how to do, how the law, what method applies to what type of search engine. Suitable for many large package, such as: Sina, Alibaba, etc..

in order to flow, is now the grassroots webmaster to learn the direct purpose of SEO, but this purpose, in fact, is not in line with the laws of the market economy, a lot of traffic, was a waste of grassroots webmaster!

I give a small example, I do a lemon cosmetics sales network for a month, if 2000IP/ is not a lot of traffic? For general Laoniao stationmaster, the flow should be said is very difficult to do. But if the IP2000 on the station, if to a cosmetics sales company to do, their boss may be very happy, why? Because, generally speaking, 10IP can bring a telephone consultation, 6 telephone consultation, will be transformed into a customer, 3~5 door customers will normally be buy a product, that is to say, if you do IP2000, the equivalent of every day to help companies recruit 30 customers, a customer how much profit? Just a customer to buy one hundred yuan, the cost of 80 yuan, profit of 20 yuan. If it is 30 days, every day 30 customers, each customer earn $20 per month, there will be a profit of 10 thousand and 8!

of course, this is a small example of my cosmetics, traffic is not large, not too good to do 2000IP, and have a strong skill telephone consultation and professional level, so I say this for example, is a relatively ideal model.

but can you say that this is not the case? Absolutely appropriate, because this analogy is to prove a phenomenon. A large number of traffic in the hands of individuals master, but you, but in the waste flow.

I actually said individual stationmaster in the waste flow, is a bit exaggerated, but for the average company, it is such a feeling, but individual stationmaster not waste flow, because a. No core products, two. No consulting marketing ability, three. There is no perfect after-sales service system, in a word, is no one, no company, no money to support.

said so too harsh, personal webmaster do not, and should not, after all, there are many restrictions, but not because of these reasons, and give up our website, or give up traffic? I think not, but we want to use the

to flow, better make our lifeSo

, SEO, and not just SEO, because SEO carrying too many functions, says SEO, as is the traffic flow, carrying too many functions, and these functions, our personal webmaster, and no use. The following are some of my personal ideas, I hope we can together

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