Abstract: from the beginning of May this year into the block chain, Wanda for such black technology exactly how to plan?


Cai Dong, senior vice president and chief architect of

Wanda network technology group,

"goal" the word became popular through the end of August Wang Jianlin and Luyu Chen a meal, let Wanda this company "nouveau riche" image of the people. The company was established from the beginning of 1988, Wanda Group in 2015 assets totaled 634 billion yuan, 290 billion 100 million yuan of income; Wanda to set their own goals "by 2020, the company expects assets of $200 billion, $200 billion, $100 billion in revenue, net profit of $10 billion."

but many people do not know that such a "nouveau riche" traditional companies have a very small goal: Black & block chain.

October 13, 2016, Wanda Group announced the adjustment of the industrial structure again, from the original business, culture, finance three plates, adjusted to business, culture, network, finance, the top four industrial groups. The new network technology group from Wanda Wanda financial group spun off independently, focusing on the integration of online and offline, to create a new generation of networking mode, including its fifast information company, quick money to pay (December 2014 through strategic holding company, Wanda income), credit information network data center, network company, company credit department.

titanium media reporters in the "China block chain technology and industry development forum set up the general assembly and the first developer conference (the general assembly by the Ministry of information industry and information technology and software services company, the national standardization management committee industry standard two department guidance, Chinese Electronic Technology Standardization Research Institute, ant gold clothing, universal holdings, micro the bank, Ping An insurance, financial and network technology as Wanda jointly sponsored) to see Wanda Network Technology Group senior assistant to the president and chief architect Cai Dong, and Wanda Group block chain network technology and financial innovation director Ji Zhoudong. These two Wanda financial business leader to disclose some of the ideas in the field of Wanda chain block.

Wanda Group this time to adjust the business structure, the biggest bright spot is the establishment of a unique network technology group. Cai Dong said that the spin off of Finance and network technology business is very critical for Wanda, landmark significance.

Wanda, in the course of business operations generated a lot of financial services, and now has accumulated a wealth of life, investment, banking and securities, etc., so the need to integrate the appropriate resources. In the operation of real estate, cultural and financial business, and accompanied with the corresponding network technology services, such as Wanda to expand O2O business in August 2014 with the Tencent and Baidu established fifast electricity supplier, in order to realize the online payment at the end of 2014 the company invested 2 billion holding fast money etc..

with internet banking from the financial card

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