Beijing time on December 26th morning news, as a overweeningly ambitious startups, Cyanogen wanted to develop a system of Google official version better than Android, but the company has experienced unrest in recent months. Not only did they lay off workers, but also dismissed CEO, and one of the co founders left – now, the company is also preparing to shut down the service and build (nightly) software in December 31st.

Cyanogen announced on Friday by the official blog: as part of the Cyanogen integration plan, all services and Cyanogen support for the daily build will be deactivated in December 31, 2016. This open source project and source code will be open to all who want to develop CyanogenMod alone."

after this, all using Cyanogen OS devices (including one and 1) must switch to CyanogenMod ROM. The latter is not a commercial product, currently managed by a developer community, the person in charge is the Cyanogen co-founder Steve Klondik (Steve).

this is equivalent to declaring the abortion of the Cyanogen program. The company’s former CEO Kurt Mike Masters (Kirt McMaster) once said, "they will use a bullet through the head of Google, but the company is now to start the transformation, and the new CEO (Lior Tal) – Lille’s new development direction of this will be more attractive to the OEM manufacturers.

, previously served as Cyanogen COO, he said, the new Cyanogen Modular OS project is to implement the original goal, to create an open Andorid system and more intelligent, and not subject to various restrictions.

in essence, Cyanogen has abandoned the goal to beat Google, in turn to adapt to Google’s ecosystem.

due to the need to completely abandon the equipment manufacturers Android and Google, instead of using Cyanogen alternatives, so the company’s software sales have been sluggish. Not only that, as one of the largest partner, the relationship between the two sides has become tense, before only a device.

now, Cyanogen service is dead, tal’s strategy is to cancel Cyanogen OS bundled services, in order to cooperate with the conventional Android system.

"the new cooperation project provides more freedom for the intelligent mobile phone manufacturers, but also provide more opportunities, so that it can be through the dynamic module and MOD, the use of intelligent mobile phone Android smart develop different parts of custom Cyanogen OS. They can be free

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