[TechWeb] had reported on December 19th news, according to foreign media reports, "ally" new hero alliance appeared, this is the American occupation of major league baseball, MBL’s streaming media video department BAMTech announced $300 million to buy Riot Games LOL’s right to live. This message was amazing, just a tournament of the right to live out unexpectedly so high, the game live or will become the next outlet".


BAMTech bought the right to live, including the launch of the live LOL game applications in BAMTech, and across the desktop and mobile terminal to attract new audiences, advertisers and sponsors. In addition, BAMTech streaming media content distribution to Twitch, YouTube and other mainstream platforms. After all, the market is too large to live alone if swallowed a little.

so far, "hero alliance" of the global users has more than 100 million people, and a variety of gaming event attracted more than 292 million global watch, this number will continue to increase in the future. (Bodhi)

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