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presentation Association vice webmaster editor E king

there are rivers and lakes have a hermit, thanks to our SWP did not hide their

network is the knight, thanks to break our experience of chivalrous share

has worked hard to grow, thanks to a grassroots network, so that the network is more prosperous

practical, true me, break through, share, Thanksgiving – we grow together

on Saturday November 17, 2007, Shanghai Owners Association (SWP) through the planning and preparing for a month, in support of the East Finance Net, Sixth Party webmaster "soldier assault – Web site operators how to break the dilemma of funds" as scheduled at the Jingan District cultural museum opened the curtain. A total of more than 150 individual owners and Internet operators to participate in the activities of the company, I am pleased to be present at the meeting to give the majority of the party, the party in the heat of passion and success.

sixth theme exchange mode, is still Shanghai webmaster Association refining the head of the storm". In the sixth phase of the scene, sparked a storm from the stage target and hosted a big storm finally spread to the participants of the owners, to organizers of a very useful enlightenment starting point, linear expansion and extension, which is perhaps the brainstorming form of communication value reflects the core of our approaching storm. Shanghai webmaster association hopes to brainstorm, with the collective wisdom of the collective, through mutual communication, inspiration and motivation to generate new ideas. How to put the funds or website financing skills break through knowledge sharing as much detail as possible to show, the other team may have implications — Internet entrepreneurs do practical network, money making website.

Shanghai webmaster Sixth Party is Shanghai webmaster Association (SWP) and a leap, practical, really I, break through, share, Thanksgiving – we grow together. We use real words to express passion and dream, we exchange our experience and doubt to discuss. Through this event, so that the majority of the webmaster to do practical network, make money website, how to solve the difficulties encountered by the network business has a more profound understanding.

finally, once again stressed the webmaster association with self organization and operation, the principle of "three self service". All the organizers or staff, is the webmaster or Internet operator’s peers. At the same time, many webmaster party put forward valuable suggestions on the next party, thank you very much, Shanghai Owners Association (SWP) have been seriously sum up. Shanghai webmaster Association (SWP) will work together with you to progress together – we grow together!

once again thank you Shanghai grassroots webmaster and Internet operators of the company, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in the party! Thank you for the Oriental financing network!

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