see the network more and more developed, they have the idea to begin with the website, first work station. Buy a movie program. Registered a domain name, buy space to start a movie station, a day’s efforts were not in vain, the evening finally put the station go, then go to the forum my own things well of course want more people to own! A night without sleep, a whole night, hands are numb. Not easy ah, this cold weather. Sleep the morning, probably sleep until noon! Hurry to open their own computer on the site to see the IP. Wow look good ah, there are still more than and 100 IP. so I think looking for someone to play the advertisement to find a forum management on a good price, second days to stand up. Of course very happy ah, I think your IP should increase… No care. Have a good sleep. Sleep, looked up, with the little IP, the forum management told me that my station was K… I was just thinking. What is K? Is the reality of life was hit? Later one understand, this domain is done before the movie station, they are really bad Baidu K, give me the tools, I called myself. I see… A ad his forum has brought a lot of negative impact, Baidu keywords did it, hey ` ` ` I want to how so unlucky. When is the gas halo


said he did not blame me, ask me to change a domain name. Otherwise it is difficult to Baidu included his own movie, I would go to the station, for a domain name, hey… Adsense hard. Do not want to own, oh so easily.

I write this cheat the main purpose of the article is to tell the novice webmaster, do stand must pay attention to, the registered domain name must be checked. Tool ( this can check the domain name history,,,

first times to write the article, write well, a lot of advice…….

we all right to see if I am now the movie station, address: (I went to the theater)

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