It is reported,

news October 18th, September reported $100000 in snowball domain nearly 640 thousand yuan trading, recently the domain name has been enabled, the website at present a few comments on stocks and the financial industry, the current site is still in beta.


diagram: Web page domain name system snowball Larry domain, in the financial industry on the "snowball" words frequently, such as the well-known side of salmon founded Caijing "snowball finance", the wealth of society is like a snowball snowball effect, investment, financial industry related websites built platform, is a good choice, the website ICP filing time in October 10th, the website will be officially launched recently estimated that the snowball Larry domain are friends with rice.


figure: record information

September domain name for $100 thousand price of the transaction, Sedo platform successfully won the week trading list title, caused by the people at home and abroad, sold in overseas Larry domain! Pinyin domain name in the domestic user heart, and enterprise applications more, users had to guess, to buy 640 thousand yuan domain name should be the domestic terminal the domain name, domain name enabled debut, reveal the identity of the buyer – Beijing snowball information company.

The increase of

domain name application at home, on the one hand reflects the enterprise value for the domain name, the other party reflects the domestic domain development type in pinyin domain name for the mainstream, especially the application of Larry domain market potential, such as video industry,, SNS, friend network, Taobao electricity supplier industry, Amoy shoes network and so on.

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