Shanghai river network is a veteran of the domestic English learning website, from its inception in 2001, has gone through 11 years. 11 years, Shanghai has run from a purely college students English learning forum to grow the domestic a comparatively mature and influential foreign language learning platform. In view of Shanghai, to do education, should hold what kind of attitude, grasp what resources? In addition, with the rise of the mobile Internet and the involvement of emerging entrepreneurial companies, as a veteran of the "start-up", for the present and future of domestic Internet education, Shanghai is how to see? These problems, Shanghai river network vice president Xu Hua in an interview with krypton 36 one responded.

education is a slow type of industry

first, Xu Hua believes that education is a slow type of industry. Education, we must do three to five years to make money. A lot of time with the Shanghai Jiang peers want to make quick money. But because of the lack of sufficient capital to help them through the early start of the three to five years, died in the end.

and Xu Hua have such a view, because of two reasons. First, because the domestic consumer habits and payment habits are to be developed. Until now, the user is willing to pay for virtual learning resources are a minority. Another reason is that the domestic intellectual property management system has yet to be improved. A website launched today what fresh or practical content, may be the day of the competitors or users.

so in the early days of a company, it’s hard to make money from users. However, when the company survived the first three to five years later, accumulated a sufficient number of users, the situation would have been different. Because advertisers follow, various channels under the line will also want to cooperate with you. A lot of Shanghai now product line, has formed a chain, is because of the number of users is large, wide channels, in addition to general users, partners to develop new product demand.


in addition, Xu Hua also stressed that education is not open around the government, the need to deal with the government. For example, they cooperate with the metro line two, and the cooperation of colleges and universities, are the government to pull the line.

personally believe that Xu Hua referred to the close cooperation with the government this is very right, it is also important for start-up companies. However, the above mentioned three to five years not to earn money, but not necessarily, and do not rule out some of the companies in the venture within the next three to five years have earned money. In addition, this view may also be some experience, Shanghai based on past now, emerging education industry to open classroom, mobile Internet features or a blue ocean, in three to five years, the entire industry will have many changes brought many new opportunities, who do not say. Just as some time ago on the Internet rumors of "terrible" 90 this article pointed out that, after 90 consumer >

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