Ma Yun business for three years, he Chinese in yellow pages don’t do very well, Mengshengquyi when Liu Qiangdong resigned from the foreign work, riding a bicycle in Beijing Zhongguancun business, rent a counter selling accessories, from the family for three years. Taobao appeared in 2003, while Jingdong mall, was born in 2004.


Ma and Liu Qiangdong two extremely, but never in contact with people who put them together, the main reason lies in the two people on the Chinese e-commerce market has made great contributions, but each has a quite different way. Under the leadership of both Alibaba and Jingdong mall, in promoting the evolution of e-commerce in China, to create value for the community, are in the front, so have a sample effect.

according to the eMarketer survey, in 2012 the global B2C e-commerce market with sales of $1 trillion and 88 billion 750 million, an increase of 21.9% compared to $893 billion 330 million in 2011, and in 2013, this figure will reach $1 trillion and 298 billion 440 million. The United States will occupy 29.6% of the share, sales of $384 billion 800 million, while China will account for 14% of the share, sales grew by $181 billion 620 million to $69%, the growth rate of the global e-commerce market leader.

from the electronic commerce competition trend, China situation than the United States more health, due to the rapid growth of the Jingdong store, Alibaba did not like Amazon, establish a firm not to shake the monopoly advantage. China’s B2C market share, although it is still one of’s dominance of Tmall, but the momentum is also very strong Jingdong mall catch-up, the gap is narrowing the gap between the two. There are two rival well-matched in strength in the field of B2C, all consumers to see this thing, because it will bring more benefits to consumers.

the two companies are different styles, of course, this is closely related to the personal style of the two founders. Similarly, the two companies have done very successfully. Ali and the success of the Jingdong, was a great achievement for Chinese economic reform thirty years, Ma and Liu Qiangdong, in the same industry, different way to promote the development of the industry, they are the realization of the two successful model China dream.

Ma Yun Zhejiang, Liu Qiangdong Jiangsu, the richest two per capita from Southeast provinces. Ma Yun is a city man, Liu Qiangdong is a rural, two per capita received higher education. Ma Yunda, 10 years old, entrepreneurial than the early years of the past 3 years, the per capita in the traditional industry of the industry, and ultimately the cause of the development of the Internet to the,. Ma Yun is the only liberal arts background, College English, not programming, but I started a translation agency, made some money; and Liu Qiang East University is sociology, then self programming, and as a technology to achieve self-reliance.

Ma Yun from small family condition is good, in school >

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