technology news Beijing time on July 19th morning news, Google because of alleged monopoly in a prominent position of Android intelligent mobile phone in the United States face litigation, will help to bring the competitors such as Microsoft antitrust litigation in europe.

group litigation

two Android mobile phone users in May this year to the California federal court, alleging that Google requires Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers will use Google as the default application, thus limiting the development of Microsoft Bing search competitors on Android mobile phone.

Google said last week that the court should dismiss the class action because consumers are still free to use other applications. But the plaintiffs argued that the majority of consumers do not know how to switch the default settings, or do not want to spend too much energy.

if the court accepts the case, plaintiffs’ lawyers will be able to view between Google and intelligent mobile phone manufacturers can also email and communication of information, Google executives of Google executives were interviewed, the interview must be on oath.

"I’m sure we can see the highlights. As some of the materials we find will be released, the pressure on Google will increase." Plaintiff lawyer Steve · (Steve Berman) said.

Google declined to comment. Hearings on Google’s move will be held in October this year.

good Microsoft

any evidence of damage found in the class action, will fall into the hands of Google competitors. Microsoft spokesman said the company did not participate in the lawsuit. But many companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, NOKIA, Expedia and TripAdvisor, have complained to European antitrust regulators about the same problem.

these companies at the time of the complaint, said Google’s application in the Android phone to get the default position, but also by other mechanisms to suppress competitors.

Google said last year that the company is working with European regulators. However, European regulators have not yet decided whether to formally investigate Google.

Berman often initiate lawsuits against large corporations in the United states. On behalf of consumers and Apple’s e-book sales reached a settlement, the amount could reach $450 million. He also on behalf of TOYOTA owners and Toyota Corporation settlement of $1 billion 600 million lawsuit.

but Berman is also acting as a proxy for Google’s main rival. In the case of Microsoft Windows business antitrust investigation, Berman served as a proxy for the company. Berman said he had worked with Microsoft on Google’s behavior over the years of communication, but does not involve the lawsuit.

Google has repeatedly encountered antitrust complaints and litigation in the United States and Europe, he was accused of being biased in search engines

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