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July 28th, Beijing court official micro-blog Beijing French thing announced that the Tencent that Mobile Games "national" national strike "attack" by malicious plagiarism and imitation, "developers and game providers nationwide raid" on the court, alleged infringement infringement of trademark and unfair competition. Recently, the Beijing Haidian court accepted the case.

Tencent said, "all the assault" developed by the Tencent’s first full 3D shooting Mobile Games, since the end of 2014 on-line operations, with the Tencent Inc in the field of game development and operation of strong generalization ability, the game achieved remarkable performance and good market reputation in the domestic market quickly Mobile Games, known as FPS (the first person shooter shooting for the fine Mobile Games).

Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Tencent at the same time enjoy the "national" and "national assault attack" in ninth "computer program (downloadable software), computer game software" and "online games provided 41 classes in the computer network, entertainment and other goods and services available on Chinese registered trademark.

Shenzhen city Tencent Computer Co. Ltd. is the game operators, Tencent, science and Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., authorized, get all registered trademark rights, trademark license application type exclusive license authorization for a period of ten years; and authorized the right to sue the trademark infringement found.

Tencent, Beijing Hao Ge thoroughfare information technology limited company, Beijing Culture Communication Co., limited "win the coveted" national Tencent assault "well-known Mobile Games good reputation and market operating results, developed and launched a" national assault "and the same type of first person shooter in the Mobile Games to the market. The name of the game on malicious plagiarism and imitation of" national assault "game product name, and the" national attack "," national Chinese assault "registered trademark are same or similar.

in addition, the image characters in its game posters and the game entrance icon on the copying and imitation of "national assault" game, making malicious confusion, misleading users to download and use of the infringing products, and through the mainstream of domestic mobile phone application platform to vigorously promote and provide the mobile phone download and carry out in-game props to pay business. The huge illegal profits.

Tencent said, the defendant behavior of "free ride" and "free rider" subjective malice is very obvious, the violation of China’s "trademark law", "Anti Unfair Competition Law" the relevant provisions, serious damage to the legitimate interests of the plaintiff. Caused by the loss of a large number of users of the game, a serious decline in the reputation of the brand market and other adverse consequences.

investigation, the defendant Beijing HAOGE thoroughfare Information Technology Co. Ltd. for the game developers and the copyright owner, the defendant Beijing "win-win culture dissemination limited company for the game provider, the two defendants constitute a joint tort should bear joint liability.

days ago, Tencent (Shenzhen) technology has.

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