during the Spring Festival this year, many people rush to grab a soft red WeChat. But you know, micro letter envelopes but to pay the taxes! Yesterday, Yancheng Dongtai company sent 3 million Yuanwei letter envelopes, the tax department has been levied 750 thousand yuan of personal income tax. This is also the consent of Yancheng local tax departments of Jiangsu first "WeChat red" personal income tax.


micro letter envelopes, pay 750 thousand tax

in April of this year, a company in Dongtai to participate in a variety show on television, in order to make the propaganda effect is better, the site issued a 3 million yuan WeChat red envelopes. After returning to Dongtai, the enterprise to the local tax department to pay 750 thousand yuan of personal income tax.

is the company’s initiative to declare, the total pre tax is 3 million 750 thousand, according to the tax of 20%, issued a total of $3 million red envelopes, personal income tax of $750 thousand." According to the Dongtai tax department official told Modern Express reporter, at present in the society of "WeChat red" personal income tax has some cognitive errors, the lack of tax payment envelopes enterprise consciousness, the company can take the initiative to pay the personal income tax is indeed worthy of praise.

in order to deal with the "WeChat red" tax on this issue, the recent Dongtai tax department launched the "WeChat red" project risk response, the backbone of the business organization to distribute envelopes investigation of enterprise, fully grasp the "WeChat red" capital flow, strengthen the data collection and analysis, the implementation of effective monitoring of tax sources.

relatives and friends WeChat red envelopes do not pay tax

netizens questioned, the enterprise is a red envelope, the individual income tax should not be borne by the enterprise, and should receive personal payment of red envelopes." In this regard, Yancheng Local Taxation Bureau relevant departments responsible person, the WeChat red tax is referring to winning and other incidental income of the individual income tax is 20% of the total, because the individual is very scattered to the specific implementation, therefore, the provisions of the state tax department, pay the unit by withholding payment.

"in order to prevent tax evasion, tax law is currently WeChat red." Famous tax planning expert Zhu Pengzu believes in envelopes distributed dispersed, and the amount of many beneficiaries ranging from the size of the actual collection of national tax departments have clear envelopes distributed enterprises as "WeChat red" personal income tax withholding obligations, should be centralized to the declaration and payment of tax authorities, tax evasion loopholes from the source block.

During this year NPC and CPPCC

, director of the State Administration of Taxation Wang Jun said in an interview, sent to the personal nature of social enterprises winning the red envelope, should tax, the tax shall be the withholding enterprise red envelopes. Small red envelopes sent between friends and relatives should not be taxed.

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