the Wall Street journal "reported that the digital power the reason should be the domain name word collocation.Com There is not much left. available. Although the global domain name management agency (ICANN) will open a new domain name, such as.Jobs,.Travel,.Museum,.Com is still thriving, more powerful and simple words with more hard to find.

furthermore, the number of Web sites (such as no language barrier, no translation, universal. And letters than the site, the price is relatively reasonable.

According to the "

" domain name journals published this year’s most expensive web site, web site into the digital list of up to 11, compared with the previous year for three years to no more than one, we can see the trend of recent digital power. (the 53 Bank of the United States is the domain name) started the digital net name of pioneer, not only deliberately choose a raise in May 3rd of each year, even in the 5.53% set of preferential interest rates are also considered. 53 of the bank’s marketing manager Menison said: "the is not only easy to remember, but as long as the two key figures, also more than AOL, MSN, WSJ and."

The definition of

has established some numbers, users can see it. Bapond’s film, hot, of course, is also a new film in the new version of the "quantum crisis," one of the promotional tools of Pound. also let emergency site life alert (LifeAlert) burst red.

some figures can not be separated from the culture. Chinese preference 8, the homonym. But is also suitable for music sites, because there are eighty-eight piano keys. Radio common radio channel name, it is a frequent digital domain name.

mobile Internet has gradually become the trend, in order to mobile phone button, digital domain name has spawned several.

was first grabbed, The early bird catches,, and other popular digital. Carla Carnes, a senior network with $seventy thousand to buy, but there is no plan for the future direction of the site. He said: "as long as two numbers on the keyboard, it’s all Ori Ki."

Carla Carnes also revealed that someone bid $four hundred thousand please spare him, but he was unmoved. But if Xiaoyan, Cleveland’s LeBronJames in 2010 to join the New York Knicks, he put it free of charge to the emperor.

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